Thursday, August 7, 2014

Human Petting Zoo

I started doing something new since my new phone takes pretty decent recordings. I've been recording my friends that play acoustic music. Live recordings are always my favorite for this kind of music because it's always more raw and powerful.

This is Human Petting Zoo. Rayne writes some really powerful Uke Punk songs. Her lyrics are intelligent and super relatable. Her songs are short which im all about, and she's one rad lady.
The first time I seen her play I was blown away at how awesome her songs were. We listened to her 5 song cd "D.I.Y. or Cry" on repeat for months until we downloaded everything on her bandcamp page.

Get in touch for merch and shows HERE.

Dig into this recording from July 28th at FFD house in Braddock, Pa.  
.Download Here.
Track Listing
1. DIY or Cry
2. Nihilism isn't my cup of tea
3. Do what you want
4. I'm Afraid
5. Anxiety Song Pt 2
6. Dining Room Table
7. Usually
8. The Lines
9. Beetles and Snakes

Friday, June 13, 2014


So in January of 2013 I started recording some songs I had written. I didn't have huge plans with them just record them with my friends electric drums that were at my house and my guitar.
I wrote so many songs and decided to record the first batch of 7 songs with my drums at my parents place. then did the same but recorded the drums at my dude Jimmy's(ratface) house. Then the most recent tape at my parents house again with my homies Bo and Dee's mic.
I moved to Pittsburgh and was heavily inspired to start playing this stuff live so I got my homies Damon, HJ and Lawson to join in. We played our first show with NANCY and Thumbsuckers.
Now Lawson is no longer jamming with us and just partying with us. We're doing a 7" Lathe soon and hopefully an LP by the end of this year. This has become my favorite band to play in, not just because for once in my life I love the songs I've written but because of HJ and Damon for being into it and being the best back up dudes ever. 
Download these. Play Loud. Skate until you die. Long Live Jay Reatard.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I posted the tape these dudes put out a while back.
By now they shouldn't need much of an introduction. Raw Ponx from Pissburgh with members of Annihilation Time, FLAK(posted their stuff here) and more.
On hiatus as far as I know.
This is their 7" that came out on MindSkull and their split tape with Desperate Hours.


Sunday, July 7, 2013


No this isn't the third Mad Max film, its a band from Pittsburgh.
This was a relatively short lived crust band. These dudes rip. Features Dusty (Dogs Body) From Oh Shit They're Going To Kill Us and the drummer and bassist from Wrathcobra along with some other freaks.
I never got a chance to see them live but these tracks are killer. The lyrics are sick just as all of Dusty's lyrics are. They paint a picture of a bleak post apocalyptic world. I included a scan of the lyrics in the folder.

Get down with songs for the Urban Animal inside of you.

Heres to me starting my new life as an Urban Animal!

The crick still rages inside of me!


Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yeah...that's sinz from Dios Mio

Highlife was the first band I posted on this blog. You can check that post out here..
Seriously an awesome band. They're not really playing as of right now as far as I know.
They put out some awesome stuff though. Killer energetic fast hardcore for the hardcore!
So good.
Heres the last 7" they did entitled Oceanside Blues. These songs are with a different singer.
Still raging though.


Dios Mio

These dudes hail from Wisconsin.
These are some of the catchiest Hardcore punk tracks Ive ever heard.
Awesome melodies, awesome vocals, intense energy.

Im not really sure if theyre still together, they've been pretty stagnant for a while. Wish they'd release some more music.

Theres a couple 7"s floating around out there with songs from the demo.
Heres the shit life 7" for 2 bucks!

This is the demo and a live set mixed together. Both are so awesome!

If you know if they have any more material let me know, hook me up.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scrap Kids

Scrap Kids is a one man acoustic ska project my good friend Lawson does.

This stuff is awesome. He blends a lot of elements of Folk Punk and Ska Punk.
He is full of energy and he's got an amazing voice. Almost sounds like Matt Skiba.
This is sort of a Discography. Everything I know of that hes recorded is in this file.

I went on tour with Lawson and these songs never got old to me. They lyrics are very relatable and hes got a great style.

He probably has some shirts and possibly a 7" or cd you could buy from him.
Look him up on facebook and ask him about buying stuff.

My group, Hexe, is supposed to do a split with him in the very near future.

Love ya Lawsie.